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Founded in April of 2002, Response Microwave, Inc. is the compilation of a multi-disciplined team of professionals with over 100 years of relevant experience in the RF/Microwave market. Our purpose for being, and the basis for our name, is to listen to, and focus on the customer, and respond to your needs. We were created to apply our expertise towards developing application specific solutions that service your exact requirements at any given moment and for any quantity required.

Through a diverse base of competencies and efficiencies, the company has swiftly built a reputation for flexible and responsive service resulting in a world-class list of customers in the medical, telecom, military, Industrial and energy markets.

Versed in the elements of procurement, engineering, materials control, manufacturing, sales and marketing, we are a value added organization that specializes in the sourcing and custom designing of passive and active control components and connectivity solutions from DC to 60GHz. We offer a standard line of unique twin-conductor couplers and hybrids used in power amplifier compensation networks and antenna distribution feeds. We will also welcome the opportunity to work with your design team to evolve custom solutions to satisfy your specific infrastructure needs. Our experienced design team is dedicated to satisfying your demands by creating the most economically and technologically sound solution for your application. We will work very closely and confidentially with your project team in order to accurately understand and address your program needs.

Our products are suitable for diverse market applications within the broad military, security, telcom, energy and medical segments with specific projects within avionics, theft detection, power amplification, imaging, solar power conversion, and telecommunications niches.

To learn more about our growing company, our world-class support structure and our focused product solutions, please continue through the web site or contact us directly. Although we are a young company, our experience is proven and diverse, so we welcome the opportunity and ask you to present us with a chance to respond to your needs.

Our goal is to provide our customer base with the highest level of service attainable based on a foundation of honesty and integrity with the intent of building long-standing relationships. We will apply the utmost professionalism in an effort to become a valued resource for innovative technical solutions in support of customer requirements.

We place our highest values on service and product quality as these elements form the cornerstone of our corporation. Our quality assurance manual follows the ISO guidelines and we are working towards certification. All product offered is RoHS certified and, in most cases, designed in accordance with applicable MIL standards. Applicable TUV, ETSI, ANSI and/or UL certification is in place as required.

Our offices are conveniently located in the technology belt west of Boston, Massachusetts and are easily accessible. Here we have access to world-class facilities certified for prototype through production quantity manufacturing and test.

Precision stripping equipment and custom bending and forming mandrels are employed for use in providing unique solutions with our twin-line hybrid and coupler products.

Mechanical and electrical design and simulation software is utilized to provide you with the optimal solution for your requirements.

Our competencies include:
  • Sales & Customer Support
    Contracted national field sales network
    Focused customer/applications support
  • Engineering Support
    Consulting design/application capability
    Virtual component engineering services
  • Procurement Support
    Material & service acquisition
  • Manufacturing Support
    Certified global supplier base
  • Test Support
    Certified sub-contracted facilities

Our capabilities include:
Bending & Forming of

    Custom tooling & fixturing
    Design solutions

Pre-cut Trimming of

    Access to proprietary laser techniques
    Precision manual process

Product Manufacturing
  • Processes
    Electrical test
    Mechanical test
    Environmental test
    Quality assurance

  • Equipment
    Automated drawing lines
    Automatic bending machines
    Automatic stripping machines
    Thermal chambers (-40 to +150 C)
    Heat chamber (to +300 C)
    Tensile testers
    LCR meters
    Laser scan
    Network analyzers

Our product solutions include:
    Drop-in Hybrids & Couplers
    Connectorized Hybrids & Couplers
    Combiners & Dividers
    Filters & Diplexers
    Isolators & Circulators
    Coaxial & Optical Attenuators
    Coaxial & Optical Adaptors
    Surge Protection
    Drop-in & Connectorized Delay Lines
    Coaxial, Power, Optical, Multipin Connectors
    Cable & Cable Assemblies
    Optical Laser Diodes
    Custom Assemblies



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